Childrens  music

Our children are born into a world of sound and movement with music playing an important role to delight, comfort, inspire and excite them.  Little Ripples music helps children of all ages—babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and big kids—discover their inner music-lover.


"When I listen to Little Ripples I get a sense of peace and relief. They are putting great songwriting and highly skilled musicianship into their productions and helping grow young minds and bodies through exposure to quality heartfelt music."

Levity Beet (Children's music maker)

Amazing music!!! My daughter loves it. 
She was having a meltdown the other day, turned it on the car and it instantly calmed her down.

Maria (Parent)

I've been listening to this album every morning since I got it and I enjoy it just as much as the kids. Absolutely loving these tunes and very excited for these guys, I have a feeling they are going to do very well!

Gaelyn (Parent)

This album has become the soundtrack of our summer! It’s absolutely beautiful and our girls love it, such good vibes!

Sarah Gunnel (Parent)

Just got our cds for our ece centre yesterday and we love them. A great vibe and calmness to them lovely music for our tamariki. Thank you 👍😀

Alycon Komene (ECE Teacher)

Who we are...

Weaving organic tones and tender heartfelt lyrics are how Little Ripples have been able to create the sound that both adults and children love.  From the beginning the Little Ripples kaupapa has been to make music that speaks to the whole family. Thier beautifully crafted songs see through the eyes, hearts and minds of children as well as reflecting on the experience of the adults raising them. The family folk sound that Little Ripples have an affinity for, draws inspiration from artists such as Elizabeth Mitchell, Neil Young, The Brushfoot Migration, and Mountain Man.

Recent accomplishments include being selected as finalists for the APRA Children’s music awards 2020 for best music video. Over recent years families have enjoyed seeing them perform at a variety of venues ranging from The Auckland Folk Festival, Auckland’s Zoo, public libraries, kindergartens and community halls.   Their appeal to the tastes of adults has seen them also supporting artists such as The Lonely Heart String Band(USA), Mark Mazengarb (NZ/USA)  and Erin Cole-Baker (USA/NZ).  

The duo were set to join Erin Cole-Baker for a split bill tour in America in June 2020 however these plans are on hold due to Covid. Instead continuing to ride the wave of musical inspiration that has seen them release two albums in the past three years they returned to the studio and began working on album number three ‘Kindness grows’ thier most significant work to date.

Collaborating with dear friends Alex Selman(Producer/Engineer) and Andrew Hodgins and using an array of vintage analog recording equipment that has the capacity to capture the warmth and magic of music has propelled the development of the unique Little Ripples sound.  ‘Kindness Grows’ has been born by a community of passionate musicians and friends, a proudly self funded, grass roots, production.  Currently being mixed at Revolver studio in Auckland and due for release late in 2021.

With the resurgence of Vinyl as a medium, and Auckland’s new record pressing plant, Holiday Records,  Little Ripple’s are taking the plunge and getting their upcoming third album pressed to Vinyl.   Little Ripples see this as an opportunity for avid vinyl collecting parents to share the magic of putting on an album and enjoying the warmth of the sound that is unique to this format with their children.

Support from NZ On Air has meant that Little Ripples have been able to work with Jacob Perkins of RDYSTDY studio a visual production studio based in Wellington, NZ to make a music video for their song ‘Little Bee’ which will be released as a single in anticipation of the of the upcoming album.

Little Ripples music is available to stream on Apple Music, Youtube and Spotify.  Albums can be purchased from or from their website: Make sure you are following on all social media to keep up to date on all things Little Ripples, and check out their award nominated video. ‘Read to Me’

Praise for Little Ripples

"When I listen to Little Ripples I get a sense of peace and relief. They are putting great songwriting and highly skilled musicianship into their productions and helping grow young minds and bodies through exposure to quality heartfelt music.”  

Levity Beet, Award winning maker of Children’s music in NZ

"Listening to Little Ripples' sweet harmonies is like being rocked in a hammock on a warm and breezy afternoon. Their fresh, rootsy sound tickles my soul. Each song a gorgeous message for children - and a comfort to the elders' inner child!”  

Robin Grille, psychologist, author of: "Parenting for a Peaceful World", "Heart to Heart Parenting" and "Inner Child Journeys".