Childrens  music

"Listening to Little Ripples' sweet harmonies is like being rocked in a hammock on a warm and breezy afternoon. Their fresh, rootsy sound tickles my soul. Each song a gorgeous message for children - and a comfort to the elders' inner child!"

Robin Grille, psychologist, author of: "Parenting for a Peaceful World", "Heart to Heart Parenting" and "Inner Child Journeys".

"When I listen to Little Ripples I get a sense of peace and relief. They are putting great songwriting and highly skilled musicianship into their productions and helping grow young minds and bodies through exposure to quality heartfelt music."

Levity Beet (Children's music maker)

I've been listening to this album every morning since I got it and I enjoy it just as much as the kids. Absolutely loving these tunes and very excited for these guys, I have a feeling they are going to do very well!

Gaelyn (Parent)

This album has become the soundtrack of our summer! It’s absolutely beautiful and our girls love it, such good vibes!

Sarah Gunnel (Parent)

Amazing music!!! My daughter loves it. 
She was having a meltdown the other day, turned it on the car and it instantly calmed her down.

Maria (Parent)

Just got our cds for our ece centre yesterday and we love them. A great vibe and calmness to them lovely music for our tamariki. Thank you 👍😀

Alycon Komene (ECE Teacher)